The following procedure must be repeated for each medication for each resident in turn.

  • Check the MAR Chart to see which medications should be administered at that time.
  • Find the medication to be administered, ensuring that all medication including externals and PRN medication are available.
  • Check that the instructions on the label of each medication are the same as the information on the MAR Chart.
  • Dispense the medication into suitable containers without handling it.
  • Where necessary ask the resident their name prior to offering the medication.
  • Ask the resident if they wish to take their medication including PRN items, recognising their right of refusal.
  • Administer the medication, ensuring that the resident is in a position to take the medication correctly and safely.
  • Never leave medication with the resident to be taken later unless they have been assessed as capable of self medication. This information is available in their care plan.
  • Never administer medication that you haven't dispensed yourself.