AURs should improve the patient's knowledge and use of any specified appliance by:

  • Establishing the way the patient uses the appliance and the patient's experience of such use;
  • Identifying, discussing and assisting in the resolution of poor or ineffective use of the appliance by the patient;
  • Advising the patient on the safe and appropriate storage of the appliance; and
  • Advising the patient on the safe and proper disposal of the appliances that are used or unwanted.

Specified Appliances

Specified appliances are:

  • catheter appliances (including a catheter accessory and maintenance solution); tracheostomy and laryngectomy appliances; anal irrigation systems; a vacuum pump or constrictor ring for erectile dysfunction, or a wound drainage pouch; that are listed in Part IXA of the Drug Tariff;
  • incontinence appliances that are listed in Part IXB of the Drug Tariff; and
  • stoma appliances listed in Part IXC of the Drug Tariff.