On Demand Availability of Specialist Devices / Medication 

Supply of specialist medicines, the demand for which may be urgent or unprecedented - for example palliative care, TB etc.

Stop Smoking Service:

One to one support and advice to people who want to give up smoking, including access to NHS stop smoking services

Medicines Assessment and Compliance Support:

Support independent living in groups of vulnerable people or those with special needs , who do not fall within the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 criteria. Support will include assessing, advising and assisting persons with a view of improving persons knowledge, use and compliance of the medication that they take.

Full Clinical Medication Review:

A structured, critical examination of a patients medication with the objective of reaching an agreement with the patient about the appropriateness and effectiveness of the treatment, optimising the impact of medicines, minimising the number of medicine related problems and reducing waste. Suitable for people who may be experiencing problems with taking their medicines, particularly those with complex regimens.

Out of Hours Access to Medicines:

The Pharmacy will provide access to its services during the extended period of opening to ensure that people have access to medicines during the out of hours period.

Independent Prescribing by Pharmacists:

The independent prescriber will support the patient to manage his/her condition, including the ordering of diagnostic tests, monitoring and interpreting test results, response to treatment and adjusting treatment accordingly.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine:

During the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign period pharmacy staff will identify those people who fall within the nationally agreed target groups, who are priority for influenza vaccination and will encourage them to be vaccinated.

Supply / Administration of Medicines Under a Patient Group Directive (PGD)

The pharmacy will supply and/or administer Prescription Only Medicines (POMs) under a Patient Group Direction to groups of patients who may not be individually identifiable prior to presentation at the pharmacy. The pharmacist will asses each patient on the basis of the PGD requirement and will provide support and advice to the patient for the condition being treated. For example Influenza vaccines, oral antivirals and orlistat (weight loss).

Vascular Risk Assessment and Management service:

People in the target group of 40-74 years of age who have not yet had a previous diagnosis of vascular disease will receive a risk assessment by pharmacy staff, in order to improve the patients awareness of their vascular risk and to minimise or manage the risk.

Weight Management Service

Pharmacy staff will initiate discussions with adults who appear to be overweight about the health risks of being overweight and offer to determine their Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist measurement. Lifestyle advice will be give to those who would benefit from it.

Alcohol screening

Pharmacy Staff will screen and provide one to one support and advice to people over 18 years of age. The service will identify higher risk and increasing risk drinking and provide brief interactions to notable individuals to take positive action and help to modify their drinking patterns

Warfarin / Anti-coagulant Monitoring

Anti-coagulant monitoring involves the pharmacy testing the patients blood clotting time to determine the INR, which means the delay in the clotting of the blood caused by warfarin. The pharmacist will interpret the results of the test and make recommendation about changing the dose or omitting doses in line with British Society for Haematology