The Medicines Manager Training consists of the following:

  1. Duty of care : moral and legal
  2. Legal categories of medicines (GSL, P & POM)
  3. Formulations (Oral and topical etc.)
  4. Medicines cycle (ordering, recieving, storage, administration, disposal & record keeping)
  5. Controlled drugs (groups, recording requirements, safe storage, administration handling and disposal)
  6. Self medication (record keeping & storage requirements)
  7. Administering medicines (planning and conducting medicine rounds, covert administration and different types of medicine)
  8. Medicines Incident (types of, reporting and recording)
  9. Homely medicines (policy and procedures, administration and record keeping)
  10. Oxygen (using & storing)
  11. Dehydration (causes, signs and avoidance)
  12. Nutrition (causes)
  13. Admission and discharge