MARsoft - Medicines Management System

Benefits & Functionality:-

  • Greater reduction of medication errors

  • Increased accuracy in medication recording.

  • Photo recognition of every service user throughout

  • Photo identification of medication

  • Medication grouped by round times

  • Round time colour recognition throughout.

  • Weekly & short course medication clearly defined.

  • Separate charts for each PRN - When Required Medication

  • Secure & easy online medication reordering procedure.

  • All medication, blistered, boxed or bottled with clear colour coded labelling.

  • Online reporting tools.

The MARsoft suite of reports

Each report clearly identifies the service user, drug, dose and the time by photo and colour coded time pass.

Patient Medication Profile:

The medication Profile details patient and medication information in clear type with colour photo recognition of both patient and each medication.

The warnings and instructions, amount dispensed, dosage and colour coded time passes give a great overview of the service users medication and their requirements.

PRN Chart

One of the most innovative reports within MARsoft, where the Care Home can amend this report to detail exactly where creams and lotions are to be applied with the ability to further detail reason and instruction.

The PRN chart can be edited online and reprinted by the Home so that the correct area of the body is treated.

Short Course Medication MAR Report

MARsoft reports not detailed above include:

Static Reports:

Returns Chart, Homely Remedies, Patient ID, Insulin & Blood Sugar, Blank MAR

Live Reports:

Community Label, Reorder Form, Warfarin Chart, Med Label, Card Label, Combined Label, Divider Label.